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  • If you want to build an energy efficient house, LAROS are the guys for you. They supply double and triple glazed windows/doors in desired sizes and shapes in all kinds of opening closing movements. They provide retrofits and new installations as well. If you want to weather proof or thermally insulate your house for maximum comfort and lowest energy expenses, LAROS is the provider to consult. They’ve got qualified engineers designing a custom project for your dream house. They really treat your dream project as their own. Builders, home owners, project owners must visit.

    Neeraj Bhagwatula
  • We purchased a Bionic Fire stove last year and are really enjoying it. The LAROS Team is first rate. They are extremely helpful and very responsive. We have only great things to say about the product and the customer experience. Thanks again LAROS for going the extra step to make sure we are satisfied!

    Chris Brown
  • Staff are knowledgable about a wide range of ways to make your house more energy efficient and pleasant to live in. Helpful, friendly and committed to giving you the best pristine at the best price they can. Highly recommend.

    Amy Davy
  • Purchased a Sandon heat pump from Laros. Great customer service and support which is hard to find these days. Highly recommend this company. I will definitely be back.

    Raveena Singh
  • I bought a Sanden heatpump from Laros. I can highly recommend both. Alistair and the team at Laros are knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful. The heatpump has been fantastic and, with Alistair’s guidance, I received about $1000 in carbon credits for the unit. I’m a very happy customer.

    Mary Sertich
  • I would highly recommend Laros and Dopfner.
    The Laros team really know their product. Our consultant understood our needs very well and saw the project through from the initial quote to retrofit all our windows and doors to the end of the installation. We live near a busy road and the triple glazing means we no longer hear any traffic noise. The design of the windows lets in more light, we use less gas heating and the look of our home is more modern. Our consultant also worked closely with our builder who did a superb job on the installation, with top-notch finishes inside and out.

    Rosemary Deininger
  • As a builder with over 17 years experience, the Döpfner windows supplied by LAROS are the best I have ever seen. The quality and seemless integration of blinds and flyscreens sets these windows apart from other imported brands. I will highly recommend these windows for all future projects.

    Stuart Lee
  • I purchased a Sanden Heat Pump hot water system from Laros. I did not know much about heat pumps so needed a lot of advice. I cannot speak highly enough of all the staff who helped me through the entire process – from the initial enquiry right through to the installation. Everything went so smoothly. I used one of their recommended plumbers (Tim O’Shea) who did excellent work and tidied up afterwards.
    From my experience, I can definitely recommend Laros Technologies.

    Jan C

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